Who Are The Gang Stalkers ? By: Christopher Columbus

By Who Are The Gang Stalkers



Freedom Of Information act request that I have requested link government agencies to gang stalking. Gang Stalking is also done by non governmental groups, secret societies. women’s rights groups, radical feminist, military personal , non profits, local city , state and federal government agencies are at times involved even Community Watch Groups are working with police in virtually all cities in America to monitor certain people.Gang Stalking is done to push a person to commit suicide or a mass shooting. Mass shooting are currently engineered in our country to help create more gun restrictions and to also remove people from the community. I  spoke on the local city council awhile ago to share my complaints and to my amazement alot of these people knew me. Perhaps its because the city has a Dept. of Homeland Security Office and has women, gays, kids , and many nationality groups involved in community engagement aka Community Oriented Policing. According to the Lincoln Police Dept. Community Policing is being abused its nice to know good cops exist that speak against injustice and know these programs are being abused. http://www.lincoln.ne.gov/city/police/cbp.htm

I was literally followed non stop 24/7 and harassed non stop by people wearing black clothes non stop and by people tied to the local police. I also have video footage that shows a person in another state persistently harassing me she works for Dept. Of Justice.

I know with every fabric of my being I have been targeted by DHS, the FBI , U.S  Army and other agencies that are involved in harassing people. I have a very long list of people and agencies its literally an alphabet of agencies and the proof is real since some keep there information on their dash and have logos of there organization on there cars. Why won’t these idiots cops and agencies leave me alone I have NOTHING . I know no one. I’m just trying to work rent and freaking date nothing more.

What is done to a person that is gang stalked ?

Slander,staged accidents, noise campaigns, house break ins,non stop stalking,threats,harassment in all areas of your life will occur and even poisoning.The Stasi methods used by Free Masons are also used within our system to inflict pain on the lives of fellow Americans.

The proof online concerning targeted individuals is staggering and irrefutable. The attacks are sometimes subtle and unnoticeable so that the people behind it can not be traced or tracked. Gang Stalking is a highly illegal act which medical science has linked 100% to mass shootings and suicides all across this country. My gang stalking occurred after being accused of the murder of Air Force pilot I agreed to take a polygraph test and passed it 18 times and have since then faced non stop encounters and harassment by people from all walks of life.

I have evidence documented by my private investigator  and have shared this information along with another polygraph test that I paid for to prove that the agencies that have harassed me in the past are indeed behind my harassment. To share my story would require perhaps 3,000 or more Word Press pages so I will make this short.

After losing 39 computers in less than 3 years and being harassed in every state I moved to I realized that I had to do something to help stop my gang stalking. I spoke with the local city council and and ethics board and realized that the same agencies I was monitoring concerning my harassment had  some  people in them that already knew about  my harassment . I also have experienced severe harassment and gang stalking by a group called Citizens Corps.



Targeting is done to give the illusion  at times that a person is being followed non stop and to make a target turn highly sick by harassing the target systematical sometimes daily for years and some even say for life. Research is being done through other agencies to see the impact gang stalking or community mobbing has on a target  . Gang Stalking is highly illegal : Anti-Gangstalking Law: USC 18 Section 241.

Since I have over 13 years of legal experience I have devised ways to gather reports and information about gang stalkers and the agencies they work for which are many. Many people that get involved in gang stalking at times are not even paid. See what happens is you get slandered by members of these agencies which work with law enforcement and community watch groups and then you are flagged in the community and these people  may even inform store managers , churches , store owners in your area who you are so if you are seen you may be harassed and followed everywhere you go.

It appears that sometimes the gang stalking will tone down if you confront them. It may continue after some time later though. Gang Stalkers show a persistent pattern of harassment. It is advised to carry DVR cam sun glasses and a camera at all times and to even carry your phone with the camera on while shopping and to have a car dash cam on while driving. I have documented staged accidents which are so obvious so I have night vision cams and motions detectors in my car also.

Myron May was a targeted individual that was harassed non stop and a member of Freedom From Covert Harassment.

Note if you go to the police and they wont help you can consider contacting Internal Affairs but note if you have no solid proof you could be placed in a hospital so it advised to share your proof with law enforcement and many people that monitor criminals . Note many law enforcement officers already know about gang stalking. I would like to think that most cops are good people and that is what I believe inside.

I share this information because I do not want another mass shooting to happen due to what our system is doing to people.I do not want Myron Mays name to be forgotten. See what these people do is try to sleep deprive you so you become delusional. The sleep deprivation is done by constantly following and harassing a person. Gang Stalkers also use weapons that can have a impact on your sleep some are cheap to buy and make and are proven to harm your health they are so easy to make that even a child can buy the parts and make these weapons. I find it wrong to harm people.

Americans should never be scared to utilize your right to freedom of speech. Americans should never be scared to speak against evil. Americans should always point out activity that is linked 100% to mass shootings, suicides and domestic terrorism. No agency in this country has the authority under local ,state,federal and international laws  to terrorize people. On Youtube  you can find many horrific examples of gang stalking which are so cruel and so apparent it is unreal.What is happening to Americans all across America is something that can not be done without massive amounts of funding and I believe a small portion of it comes from Secret Societies and the rest is funded with our own tax dollars.

What I have recently discovered is that FEMA  directs Citizens Corps and works with DHS  and other agencies. Lets take a look shall we at the list of connections of Citizens Corps.


Police Admit Gang Stalking Is  Real !

Baton Rouge Shooter was a member of Freedom From Covert Harassment and a targeted individual.

What these people have done to me is sick. Not to sound racist because  I am not but many of the gang stalkers I have dealt with appear to be of Anglo decent and are making middle class wages for just being a terrorist. Minorities used in gang stalking are normally not many and if they are used from the looks of their vehicles they are being PAID really good enough to keep their activities in the dark. It also appears that if any person speaks for Vets and men needing housing rights you may be a target of  The Southern Poverty Law Center which works directly with Dept. Of Defense and Dept. Of Homeland Security and they even train law enforcement in many state just like the ADL. So if a person is against homosexuality or speaks against it they can be targeted and placed on a list when they are harmless like me. Our right to Freedom Of Speech is in jeopardy . Our government agencies are turning to committing acts of domestic terrorism in hopes of getting more funding for their highly illegal activities that are linked to mass shootings and suicides according to medical science. Why aren’t  our  Reps. or Senators doing anything to stop this ? I truly believe many do not even know about the White Glove Treatment going on all over America.

Recently I had to approach a gang stalker after feeling unsafe in my own home he admitted to working with local police and mentioned that he worked for Citizens Corps. I recorded the entire conversation.  I do have a substantial amount of information concerning my gang stalkers enough to leave American under a political asylum process and even enough to take some agencies to court. The reason I hold back is because I prefer that this crap does not follow me when I decide to leave America and I want to leave this in my past and move on with life.

My main reason for sharing this post is because I was almost murdered  over 18 years ago.


Evidence of Gang Stalking ABC  news

If you ask for help concerning gang stalking the same agencies that you are asking help from are sometimes the very organizations behind your gang stalking trust me private investigators have obtained unbelievable amounts of proof concerning my harassment. At one time I sought help from local police, the  FBI, Secret Service, U.S Federal Marshals , Dept. Of Justice and so on and obtained none. After listening to the reports of other targeted people like YouTube User Oil Trading Academy it became apparent that these people did not care to help me. In frustration I sent off hundreds of dvds to foreign countries and there agencies that monitor domestic terrorist and people that pose a threat to their communities. Since I sought help non stop  and kept  relocating I sought relief from my harassment and considered leaving to another country and had to give people a heads up since many TI’s state that this crap follows them to other countries but from what it seems its only in places were secret societies  and westerners have companies or agencies.Guess I shouldn’t move to any country under NATO or should I say people of European decent.

Note that I have left many colleges and universities due to the harassment and recently left Cyber Tex In Austin ,Texas  and lost a $18,000 scholarship to become a Database Administrator which would of given me  job opportunities that paid close to 6 digits. So for all the harassment you gang stalkers put me through in every area of my life I dedicate this page. I have nothing against no one I ask that people just stay out of my freaking life. I just want to live a harassment free and terrorist free life. I do not want bad people around me.

Below is a video what Citizens Corps does along with Community Engagement Groups. I was followed literally non stop by people of Jewish decent, neighborhood watch groups, people involved in Community Engagement, alot of women and the FBI and other agencies when I have nothing and harm no person.

I also lost a $18,000 scholarship to become a Database Administrator . I had a classmate daily trying to agitate me and also dressing like the same people that followed me daily in the community. What is extremely odd is one day he handed my a paper with all my personal information like Social Security number ,phone number etc. The student doing this always was concerned about me seeing his car I assume he didn’t want me getting his tag number. I did make a police report and in the future I may search his background really good to see his connections and associations since in the past I have left schools due to threats of bombing and dealing with people that all have experience in the military.  The video below shows what type of calls I get alot  kinda odd that I receive these types of calls considering the average  person does get these type of calls.


Local  police have confirmed that Citizens Corps has been behind my harassment and not just them but neighborhood watch groups involved in community engagement and community oriented policing which is extremely unconstitutional when it involves harassing a person non stop . Neighborhood watch is not supposed to be confrontational but it is extremely confrontational here in Austin. I do not think the people gang stalking people non stop and harassing them are even believers of the U.S constitution or respect the laws of America.

Here is a site that will show you the locations of these groups by area code in the U.S


Please not not all these people are bad people. Many people are duped into believing that U.S laws and government agencies have the authority under U.S laws to persistently harass people but this is not true. The U.S Necessity Defense laws also allow people to take matters into their own hands if you have contacted local authorities and other agencies and no one helps to stop a stalker or a group of people from harming you and you are confronted with a deadly weapon or being harmed. Also consider conducting a Citizens Arrest or using mace instead of harming someone since its unethical to harm people both mentally and physically. The information I share is to be used only when put in a situation where you feel threatened. Please consult your local authorities or attorney or do research on your own concerning the carrying of mace or a stun gun if you plan to carry such items since they may be illegal in your county or state. Always carry a camera such a phone with a camera, dvr watch , dvr sunglasses or glasses or anything that you can use to present a persistent pattern of harassment.

My harassment and gang stalking is even online I have lost 39 computers in 3 years . I wonder some times if Google is ran by a intelligence  agency . Sometimes the hacking starts minutes after opening a Google account. It has forensic computer specialist baffled and assuming that my harassment is coming directly from governmental sources operating outside the scope of U.S  laws. I have tons of videos where you can see people running to wear I am at wearing all black clothing when in a 24 hour period for months this can never be seen in my area so this is done intentionally to cause me psychological harm . Dept. Of Justice knows about all these Community Oriented Policing programs which are not just unethical to use but highly dangerous and harmful to Americans . They know the statistics on how many people even complain about gang stalking and past reports suggest they have even tampered with past statistics.

Targeted Individual : Hacking,Censorship & Persistant Harassment


If you check out the link below you will see links under the video that are unlisted that show just little bits of my harassment including street theater. I truly thought for some time I was being harassed by a foreign terrorist group but no sir its Americans all right and some look even European no wonder if you read about gang stalking is done in most the West and in European countries towards mostly women, kids and minorities.

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Another thing  I find important for people to question is why is it that the U.S Air Force and virtually every government agency have a social media page ?  Why is it that the Fusion Centers in our country want to be unlisted and not known and all of a sudden want to hide their social media footprints ? And why are  Fusion Centers seeking to remove there social media imprint due to security concerns ? Not even the local police do this and they have even killed innocent people here in Austin but we don’t really see no one going after them do we ? The police are not hiding there addresses or social media pages.  So it appears something highly unethical is going on through these Fusion Centers. Another thing I find interesting are complaints of a organization called Infragard which has been noted  to be doing serious  gang stalking on people that are harmless. It appears America is no longer a free country but a prison.

Why is it that many of these people involved in gang stalking have prior military experience in the Army and other branches of government ? Why is it that our police forces and non profits  are being given confidential information about us? Could it be that our government is sharing our personal medical records with Citizens Corps and other public health officials ? Of course ! I was wrongly diagnosed by a traveling doctor from Washington D.C  years ago while living in Florida. My diagnosis was given in 4 minutes I was told I needed no medications for my depression. Kinda odd no doctor in town would take my insurance and one doctor just pops up and visits a relative to alert me and then later I visit him and I was falsely diagnosed and then targeted even more.

I truly believe that the FBI, U. S Air Force, U.S  Army, Neighborhood Watch Groups, The United States Federal Marshals, DHS and many  role players and surveillance workers  and many other agencies and contractors have a history of  covert harassment and gang stalking. I share this information  so people can use it to help protect the community from potentially dangerous people and emotionally unstable people that work for agencies that have gone rouge and that seek to harm our schools and members of the community . If any person wants to declare my statements libel then I will release my main videos to your attorney since what I am sharing on YouTube and on this blog is not much (NOT EVEN 1%) compared to what I have shared with many other agencies that I trust overseas since no one has sought to help stop my harassment I have sought help overseas in the event I need to flee from persecution so I can enjoy living instead of being terrorized I have the right to live free from harm and I sure I can eligible for asylum if I needed to leave to protect my right to life.

I encourage people to speak to  politicians and organizations both in American and abroad to help expose  gang stalking and to protect the International Community from foreign and domestic terrorist groups on U.S soil and in other countries. The rise of mass shootings in America I feel is 100% linked to gang stalking which I feel is unethical and without any doubt is linked to the United States Government this I am 100% certain.. Its not rocket science just do a FOIA request , hire a private investigator to follow those gang stalking you. I did ! I just pray for them. I am not a perfect person I have flaws I am not that bad of a person where people need to harm me and harass me. I go to schools to help myself. While I may have deserved some harassment for being a smart butt in the past I do admit. You have to look at all the harassment I’ve been through my god.

I have experienced serious job mobbing, community mobbing, harassment in schools, at home, on the road. I am just trying my best to be a better person and move on with my life. If you look at what I have done to those gang stalking me you will see that I’ll I have asked is to stop being harassed. I have harmed no person after more than 10 years of serious harassment in all areas of my life.  And please stop placing people in schools that threaten my life. I go to schools to educate  myself so I can be able to rent and do normal things. From  what I can gather from my internet activities it appears that my massive loss of computers due to hacking is done once I register a computer with my name the hacking starts sometimes in minutes after opening email accounts with Google and other search engine providers. So it appears that perhaps agencies are networking with Google and other Search Engine providers for information. I have saved my receipts from computers lost due to hacking and from what the Geek Squad manager told me that the hackers I was dealing  with people may possibly have ties to terrorism and that they had never seen such a large loss of computers before by one person. Its appears that many targeted people dealing with domestic terrorist groups experience the same things as I.

I am 100% certain the Dept. Of Public Safety , local police , Neighborhood Watch groups , DHS, FBI, U.S Army, U.S Air Force, Citizens Corps , Free Masons, and many other agencies and government contractors have a been involved in highly illegal Psychological Operations and gang stalking which has been linked by medical science  to led to mass shootings and suicides. Even  non profits, companies, churches, and groups of people  etc operating  under terms like sustainable development, community policing,community revitalization,targeting, etc are involved.  It appears that Citizens Corps was created for the same thing I spoke against which is terrorism. I exposed something that very few people talk about concerning the World Trade Center and how a company broke its long lease days before the attack. Its appears from my research that every person that is speaking about what I share is also targeted and a immense amount of proof exist actually  a ridiculous amount of proof exist. I believe non violence is the only way to expose domestic terrorist groups and hope our leaders work to monitor national security threats and black budget projects which medical science has stated pose a threat to the people of any community or country. I am opposed to violence , gang stalking, vengeance, harming people or stalking people. My only wish is to move out of America and experience life liberty and happiness elsewhere this would be the only justice I need.

It appears the elite look for people that can be made to look bad easy and they utilize their ties to the media to spread more lies about people when they push them to the edge by violating HIPAA laws on the TV concerning targeting individuals and using past offenses and false diagnosis’s  to pursue there agendas and to spread misconceptions about people.


I agree with  John F. Kennedy and his past speech:

The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control. And no official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know.

I solemnly swear on the United States flag under threat of penalty of perjury that I am able to show on video and through polygraph test that within our government illegal activities are occurring that according to medical science led to serious events and I believe the gang stalking occurring has led to mass shootings in our communities and poses a direct threat to the people of America. The use of community policing which is funded by Dept. Of Justice and utilized by the FBI /DHS and other agencies to systematically harass people daily I can prove this in a court of law and I can bet my life on it that I can prove in any court of law above the 61% rule with evidence that these organizations have not been granted permission by our constitution to commit any acts of terrorism against the people of America and the United States government. When requesting help from the FBI concerning the organized harassment I was hung up on 3 times this same treatment is occurring to other T.I’s .

A friend of mines that worked on a police force in Florida  had alerted me about the community oriented policing I was facing covertly. People were sent into schools , social events to harass me these harassment techniques and gang stalkers are shielded by Dept. of Justice , DoD , Local police , DHS the FBI through FOIA exemptions even DOJ’s  exemption 7 makes it clear along with DHS that these organizations will not reveal information that may incriminate them or link them to activity that is illegal.  Gang Stalking goes even deeper than the U.S military industrial complex  but even to corporations and foreign government according to my video footage the the VINS ran I am also dealing with radical feminist from another country along with members of a foriegn intelligence agency. I have documented gang stalkers driving in Limos and showing up only when I show up when I have the place under surveillance for months just to see if the  will pop up. These people also use prostitutes in collaboration with government entities such as police and members of secret societies which have been the nicest to me overall but have been rude at times by demanding that I join. While I do have highly damaging information I have limited the use of it  buried some it time capsules in Florida where certain people have access to it and sent some flash cards to foreign entities to ensure my story gets out if I am attacked for nothing more than utilizing my freedom of speech.  Gang Stalking is nothing more than people ganging up on a person to cause them harm both mental and physically.  It is done at times by the police only and also through a combination of locals in government and state jobs and through public and private partnerships etc. I have known about the police and the many agencies involved in this and that are operating with Fusion Centers for a very long time .. many years do I harass them like they harass me . Nope I just tell them to stop it. What would any normal human being do ? I feel they would do the same thing and ask those behind this to please stop. One thing I am able to prove is that I am experiencing the same exact treatment in 3 states and actually able to show the people behind it thanks to the idiots placing there logos on there cars and because some of these idiots after making threats towards me when I do not know them leave their badges , id hanging from there car mirror or in their dash I just zoom in with a camera . My god these people have no sense and can not see that I have no interest in suing them I am just trying to rent , date do some normals stuff and just flush the toilet bowl and move to another country that is terrorist free and doesn’t have the same white racist bunch that declares to stand for liberty and our constitution but are just a bunch of little  sexual deviants and little girls that can’t handle someone standing for there rights to freedom of speech.

After careful review of video footage and private investigation reports it is  HIGHLY apparent that DOJ, Citizens Corps , Neighborhood Watch groups , Fire EMS ,  and many organizations involved in Community Engagement are involved in organized harassment at times with intent to systematically follow intimidate and harass a person in hopes that they may engineer  an event. I hope agencies devoted to counter terrorism will monitor these national security threats in an effort to protect our country from combative agencies seeking to commit acts of terrorism against the people of America through covert harassment.  If any group seeks to harm me both physically or mentally  I  warn you I will sue if you push to hard.

Local city councils, police the FBI and other agencies promoting gang stalking need to be watched and Americans need to know that gang stalking does led to mass shootings and that we have to monitor these people orchestrating these gang stalking movement. Say no to guns and violence.

Thank you for listening and Just Say No To Domestic Terrorism !

 Help me to flee America   !

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Who Are The Gang Stalkers, Counter Terrorism



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